Thursday, January 10, 2019

Here is our weekly preview....
January 14- January 18

7th Grade Math: We will continue our Percent unit. We will complete activities and notes to learn about the Percent of a Number, Percent and Estimation, and the Percent Proportion.

8th Grade Math: We will continue our Functions unit. We will learn about Functions, Describing Functions, and Linear Functions. 
I will be discussing High School Placement for Math with the students this week. Please be having conversations with your students to know what I have recommended. 

7th Grade Science: We will continue Chapter 4: Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table. We will be completing some Periodic Table Activities and Notes for the chapter. 

Both 7th and 8th grade Math classes MUST complete 1 Fact Practice session a day and MUST have 30 questions answered in the given domain by Friday. 

Report Cards will be sent home this week. Please make sure to sign it and have it returned to school. 

Half Day on Friday, January 18. 

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