Monday, September 17, 2018

Here is our weekly preview....
September 17- September 21

7th Grade Math: We will continue Chapter 2: Multiplying and Dividing Integers. We will learn about Dividing Integers and Applying Integer Operations. We will practice multiplying and dividing integers.

8th Grade Math: We will continue Chapter 2: Exponents and Scientific Notation. Before working on the content in the book, students will continue to take notes from another resource to better their knowledge of exponents. We will learn about Negative Exponents, Integer Exponents, and Scientific Notation with Positive Powers of 10. 

7th Grade Science: We will continue Chapter 1: The Nature of Science. We will be completing a lab, some activities, and begin reviewing for our Chapter 1 Test. 

Both 7th and 8th grade Math classes MUST complete 1 Fact Practice session a day and MUST have 30 questions answered in the Geometry domain by Friday. 

7th Grade: Please do not forget to return you Fall Festival forms by Thursday, September 20. 

Visionary Club Meeting will be on Thursday, September 20 at 8am in my classroom. We will be taking nominations for officer positions and plan our first meeting. 

Let's MAKE a GREAT week!! :) 

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